Is your child's school accredited by DepEd?

MANILA – It's that time of the year again when parents do the diligent task of scouting for a school for their children.

However, aside from the curriculum, what should parents look out for in a school?


"Mahalaga sa mga parents na i-check muna kung iyung private school na papasukan ng anak niya ay may DepEd (Department of Education) permit," said DepEd-NCR Regional Director Dr. Ponciano Andal Menguito.

According to the DepEd, public schools are run by the government and are, therefore, automatically recognized.

The DepEd said it is important for a private school to have a permit to operate or a certificate of recognition issued by the government to guarantee that children are enrolled in proper learning centers. 

Both the permit to operate and certificate of recognition are being issued by the DepEd Regional Office upon the recommendation of the schools division.

"It is one of the tasks of the division offices to post the names of private schools with permit. At the same time, we enjoin the parents who are enrolling their children in private schools to check and find out first if the school has a permit issued by DepEd," Menguito told ABS-CBN News.

Schools applying for a permit or accreditation must comply with the requirements and standards set by DepEd. A permit to operate is a prerequisite in securing a business permit for private schools.

"Ang permit is renewed yearly. But they are given up to a maximum of 5 years. In which case, kapag naka-limang taon na sila ng permit na ibinibigay, they have to apply for recognition na. Once they are given recognition by DepEd, hindi na sila magre-renew every year unless may report of deficiency that will revoke that certificate of recognition of DepEd," explained Menguito.

Students of private schools with a permit to operate or a certificate of recognition will be registered in the Learner Information System (LIS) that contains the basic information of a student, and issued a Learner Reference Number (LRN).


"Learner Reference Number ibinibigay lang sa mga batang nag-aaral sa mga schools na may permit to operate or recognized," Menguito said.

The LRN is a permanent 12-digit number that the pupil shall keep while completing the basic education program, regardless of transfer to another school – whether public or private, including the student’s promotion to secondary level. Each student will have an LRN that will be indicated in the pupil’s permanent record, report card, examinations, certificate or diploma and other documents.

"Kung walang LRN ang bata, para maka-transfer sa isang recognized school, kumukuha iyung bata ng Philippine Validating Test. It’s a test given by the Bureau of Educational Assessment sa DepEd Central Office," he said.

The test, Menguito said, will depend on the current level of the child.

"Assuming naman na iyung pinasukan niyang kindergarten o preschool ay talagang they are implementing the right preschool curriculum, there is no reason na di pumasa ang bata," he added.

Menguito assured parents that they will take action against non-compliant schools.

“When complaints are lodged in our office about a school operating without permit, iyung mga DepEd division offices mayroon silang private school supervisors and coordinators sila yung gumagawa ng school mapping within their jurisdiction,” he said.

The supervisors and coordinators then send its report to the regional office. 

“We issue a show cause order to get the side of the owner bakit siya nago-operate ng walang permit at kung may effort na ba on their side to secure one. If they cannot give a satisfactory answer, then we issue cease and desist order,” he said.


Maria Aleta Nieva Nishimori, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jan 27 2017 08:07 PM